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10 December 2005


I was interested to read in John Pascoe's Land Uplifted High a comment about the Mottram Peaks:
"Though rewarded by a good panorama our most tedious scamper was up Mount Mottram which involved more scrub and scree than you care to remember on a snow holiday."

Cheers Gareth. I think the recommended route in John Pascoe's day was up the spur from the mouth of the AntiCrow River. But I wouldn't want to go up our route in winter with suspect snow.

Great photos enjoyed the account although I have to say my knees and ankles shriek at Honora's sandles. Those days are in my not so distant past.

The Mottram eyebright pictured is in fact Ourisia caespitosa, not an eyebright at all. Ourisia is sometimes referred to as "mountain foxglove".


Thank you Peter, for taking the time to help correct my mistake. I'd bought a couple of books since then to help identify things properly. But I hadn't used them to go back and check flowers I'd already labeled.

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