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11 June 2006


Hi Frank,

Wow that hut's massive! We stayed at the old hut about two years ago and it was lovely although a bit chilly (mid May). The new hut just dwarfs the old one.

I realise the need for increasing the capacity at huts but this new hut will have no character in comparison to the old. It's a shame they couldn't have placed the new hut in a different location or may be moved the old one to a less frequented spot - I assume from your post that the old will be disappearing soon.

Oh well, another piece of NZ history gone. Shame.


Hi John
Thanks for your comments. They're right on the button.
The 'musterers section' of the old hut will be taken to Mt Somers station as part of a historic display there.
I don't like to be critical about a new hut when for so long huts were just being removed and not replaced. It's just that sometimes we still seem to be losing something valuable. I don't know...

I like big new huts. I also like little old huts like the Gouland Downs hut. So long as the hut fits in with its surrounds and doesn't look like some big monstrosity like the Routeburn Falls hut I don't mind.

Thanks Andrew. Yes, Routeburn Falls is a a bit over the top eh? Some bigger huts are ok. Salisbury Lodge is a good one, and just about any of the huts on the North West circuit Stewart Island are pretty good. Mind you I don't know of any of them go much over 20 bunks. Maybe that's my comfort limit. Any more than that and it starts of feel like a hostel.

Yes, I agree, Routeburn Falls is a big hut when you've got it all to yourself. As far as other monstrosities go, how about Luxmore hut on the Kepler. That definitely doesn't fit in with the natural surroundings. As for Mt Somers I would now rather use one of the 2 rock bivs close by.

It's interesting to read the comments. I think the old hut was fantastic. It would seem that DOC has earmarked Mt Somers Walkway as an entry level tramping track hence the hut & bridge upgrade. Looking at it this way, then the new hut is perfect for the new purpose. I can see families finding it a great attraction. There are many fantastic camping spot for us "purists" when the hut gets too busy / noisy.

Wow! I went to the New Hut in november last year. It is very nice but there really is something about the older huts ... so much character.

Thanks Thomas. I've only stayed in the new hut once so far. I haven't been avoiding it. It's just worked out that way. But it was crowded. And I understand it is getting good use.
For older huts with character. The two we gained when the govt bought the Clent Hills run are goodies. Manuka hut and Double hut. They're just a few kms around the hill toward Lake Heron. I'll have to put up some info and pics of them.

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